Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy. Monday.

Pretty much only posting so that I can push that terrifying picture of me down on the page...

Doing a pinch better today, but I've got that fragile feeling, like I"m made of something with a thin crust. Gotta do laundry tonight, but thinking I need to hit the elliptical up by the laundry room too...not liking the extra poundage that has snuck back.

That pic makes me want to go home and knit small things. And drink cocoa.

Yesterday was better, but exhausting. Went and dropped off recycling and did a quick shop, then came home and got cooking. Made the apple butter pumpkin pie for Les, then set some yeast for bread, then made waffles, then started dough rise...and realized an hour and a half later just how warm the back burner on the stove gets when the oven's on. I had set the bread bowl on there, because it ain't easy finding a warm moist spot in an air-conditioned apartment...and discovered the dough half cooked already from the heat of the oven when I went to punch it down. Sonofa! The only reason I'm not more discouraged, is because for the first time, I know what proper yeast proofing looks like now. That yeast looked awesome, mixed it with warm water and honey and the results WOULD HAVE BEEN a great bread.

So I'll try again later in the week, because if there's one cool thing I'm realizing, it's that I don't even like white bread anymore. Didn't get to the apple crumble, but may try that on Wednesday, as a Halloween celebration-type thing. Also going to carve a pumpkin for the first time in ages...bought one at Sky Top to use on the pie, but realized it would've been too labor-intensive to roast the darn thing. If I were feeling 100%, maybe, but not this weekend...

Highly annoyed with Hurricane Sandy for shutting down the stock exchange. Doesn't Mother Nature realize I need my options to rally, and fast?! What I would give for the liquidity to move like, now.....

Prayers for Les's grandma please, in the hospital with sepsis and hanging on by her claws...she's 92 with a very tired body and the strongest constitution I've seen south of the Mason-Dixon (north of the M-D would've been my own Nanie). It's maddening not living closer, in times like these.

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