Thursday, October 25, 2012

Full of Promise Thursday

Yes, I'm already back to stealing images from Tumblr...I want that couch in a chocolate brown and I really don't care that it probably comes from Ikea...actually, I have nothing against Ikea, just have heard horror stories about their building instructions and particleboard furniture....

Having one holy hell of a time getting back on track this week. My head's out of the mountains, but I'm not sure where it landed. There are deadlines pressing down on us, a tenuous stock market toying with our nest egg, and dirty dishes still in the sink. How are we gonna live without a dishwasher in a house? Gotta lotta discipline coming...

Haven't been to the Y yet, and I need to do jeans are a bit snug.

People who don't answer emails make me nutty. Gonna have to schedule a day off in the near future just for phone calls.

Thinking it's silly to strip and repaint the cabinets when they'll just get banged up in the move, but I do want to take the stuff out of them one by one and give them a good going-over. Dad always said he only slapped those together, and they're easily 35 or 40 years old...but except for cat scratches, they're in really good shape. If I can reinforce them for the move, it'll be easier to refinish them once we're there.

I smelled leaf rot when we were up in the was exquisite!

Next week, we'll be officially homeless...meaning we need to tell the complex that we're not renewing the lease, but we don't have housing nailed down yet up there. The risk that entails could easily be crippling, but I'm determined not to freak too badly, just get nose to grindstone and push through it.

Was going to dress up as Merida from Brave for Halloween, but my company doesn't allow any replicas of weapons of any kind, so I can't make a fake bow and quiver of arrows to go with the costume, so without it I'm just a large chick in a green ritual gown with seriously unruly hair, and I'm not sure how worth it, it is...

I'm getting the itch to create...not sure if it involves knitting or holiday presents or what (I shove Christmas/Yule outta my mind FAST when it tries to blow through), but I think we can make it through the holidays if I get my hands a little busy now...

Baking apples and pumpkin and wheat bread and maybe tortillas this weekend, and I need to print more of Heather's Whole Food Kitchen out and start putting it into practice, because we've been living on pizza and carbs for 2 weeks now.....oh, THAT's why my jeans are snug!

This is the crap that flies through my head when I'm supposed to be editing sites.

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