Friday, August 10, 2012

Making Lists

Learning to make lists in the world did my strict Virgo nature fall out of that habit? Organizing my thoughts into a list of things to do...actually doing those things...crossing things off the list...there's such a sense of accomplishment, especially for Virgos, I think. Anyway, I'm seeing how frayed around the edges I get when things go undone.

The kitchen's piled up again, and I'm actually looking forward to tearing into it when I get home, if Hubs doesn't beat me to it. He's home all day, but if his head's hurting, I cut him some slack. I've had pain of my own the last 24 hours...the Wednesday workout did a real number on my stomach muscles, so much so that I'm taking an extra day off, my first break in the regimen in 2 weeks. It's easing up, the discomfort, but it's been a good reminder of just how out of shape I am, and just how my body reacts when I overdo it.

Hubs quit smoking! He's easing into it, using electronic cigs for now, but I realized I'm already noticing the difference in the air around the apartment. Granted, I don't think we'll get the smell out of all our stuff until we a) move, and b) steam clean everything to within an inch of its life (which he's planning to do end of month when we borrow his Mom's cleaner)...still, it's a welcome change, and I'm trying to be supportive...y'know, without exclaiming "oh thank GOD!" every 10 minutes.

I'm making more homemade stuff here and there, to get us off the processed food, and I'll be diving into more recipes this weekend, for variety. He's worried about gaining weight as his body adapts to the not smoking, and I want us off the junk food anyway. But we def need variety. He LOVES those energy bars I make (from Terry Walters' Clean Start), but I'm making them every other week so we don't get sick of I need more recipes, and they need to be soft stuff, since his teeth are still a nightmare.

We have tickets to the Jags tonight, first preseason game, but I'm pretty sure we're blowing it off. Money's tight and parking could be a prohibitive expense, never mind drinks while we're there, never mind the gas to get downtown. I'd like to thank OPEC for forcing me into that kind of thinking, because it's only going to help us travel smarter. They're still douchebags though.

The plan this weekend...mainly reorganizing the dining area, making it a little more manageable. I'm opening boxes, going through them, getting serious about purging. Have 2 full book boxes already for Chamblins or the library, and I know there's a lot of desk-type stuff that really needs to go, and binders full of paper to be recycled because I can find the material online (and if I haven't gone looking for it before now, how badly do I really need it?)'s hard, the purging, and there's some stuff that's just gonna have to take up space, because we will use it once we have a house and more room and a presentable place to perform social functions, holidays, inviting people over...but it's still a real project of reckoning.

Left the TV off this morning and read in the quiet while I enjoyed breakfast. Definitely gotta make that a habit.

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