Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taking Stock

Not normally a fan of hydrangeas, but that color knocks me out.

Outside: overcast, rainy...really hope it sticks around, we need it.

Inside: noisy, people training...kicking myself for not charging the iPod last night. Working with earplugs in.

Wearing: jeans, fave blouse, frankenstein shoes...

Creating: simple meals, not much else

Reading: The Spectrum by Dr. Ornish

Going: Shooters on Saturday for Husby's b'day :)

Hoping...Les's grandma had surgery Monday. 92 years young and they gave the green light to perform a moderately invasive procedure to remove areas of stenosis from her spine, to increase her mobility and decrease her pain. I'm blown away that they're operating on folks that old...statistically, it can't be the most successful arena. She's in ICU for another day or so, but all initial signs are good. Prayers welcome.

I went to the Y on Monday. Took it easy my first time back (it's been 4 months), and I'm glad I did because while the muscle aches were few the next day, my right knee was PISSED. I know it'll only get better the more I go though, so I'm making myself go tonight too, after OT. I've been experiencing some fresh nerve pain too, which I self-diagnosed as post-herpatic neuralgia (based on its location and how it feels, but I'll ask my regular doc when I go at the end of the month). It's annoying and about medium on the pain scale, so it has me pissed and wanting to exercise more. Nerve pain kind of yawns when it sees Advil, but I know it'll be hard to get anything stronger prescribed. If I have residual nerve damage from the shingles, then I'm gonna grow those suckers back with diligent health practices.

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