Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Taking Stock

Wednesday again already? What the frick?

Outside: Florida

Inside: annoying, but better than yesterday

Wearing: mock turtle for prob last time this season...too frickin' warm out for 'em...sniff...

Creating: yea, OK, next...not counting the spinach, white bean, and sweet potato soup that I made Monday, that's so far afield from what we're used to, that neither of us wants to eat it.....

Reading: Let's Pretend This Never Happened ... pretty delightful so far...still ain't bringing it to work; as it's also hysterical.

Going: Home, work, home, work, home, work, work, work.....

I can't pretend I'm enjoying the OT this week. But the system went down last night and afforded me an early evening, which helped. Recognizing when I need to focus inward. Tonight I pick up my orthotics, so hopefully the arthritis in my right foot will calm the fuck down now; it's been a bitch on wheels this week. So's the diet motivation, but we're getting low on dough, so that should make for better choices.

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