Monday, May 14, 2012


Could be worse, could be better...

Still obsessing about coffee apparently (see above photo)...still planning to wean, both because of the caffeine and because of the amount of sugar I end up putting in it. Tried using Stevia this morning and couldn't swing just tastes like ass IMO. So we have some work to do in that area, because where sweeteners are concerned, there's just no substitute in my book. Thank the gods I'm not diabetic. And at least I've switched to organic sugar.

But that is a concern, becoming the big D, decaf really isn't a solution, it's a stop-gap, because there's still plenty of caffeine in it. So the eventual goal needs to be green tea, and coffee needs to be a treat. Dear gods, help the people around me as I pursue this new goal.

Been actually reading the new Ornish book, not just skipping to the parts that interest me...that's certainly a good thing. Bought my new sneakers FINALLY!!!!! Very comfortable, and I'm getting my arse back to the Y this evening. Would've dragged myself out this morning, but was saved by Husby needing the car. First visit is going to be reassessment anyway, seeing if any more machines were changed out in my absence, and taking a notebook along with me to assess where I need to restart on the machines I work on. Lord, I've missed it though; looking forward to some treadmill time too!

This weekend was pretty decent. Relaxed big most of Husby's birthday pressie squirreled away, did laundry and groceries. I think the damn shingles is flaring up again, as I've got nerve pain in my right upper back that's attached to my neck. Trying to ignore it while simultaneously listening to my body more carefully, working on lowering my stress level. Asked for OT this week, but I ain't killing myself over it.

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