Sunday, October 09, 2011

This week...

1. I'm getting back to slightly healthier eating. Have been in a serious rut.

2. I'm getting back to the Y...Monday, Wednesday, Friday hopefully.

3. I'm creating a budget for the next month.

4. I'm tackling the bedroom closet, because I need to switch out some spring/summer for fall/winter and it's becoming a disaster area in there anyway.

5. I'm grabbing OT where I can and watching closely for the level of personal lunacy it creates.

6. I'm thinking hard about living "brown collar" in spite of our current situation.

7. I'm dreaming of making applesauce and roasted pumpkin puree from scratch next weekend.

8. I'm restringing the guitar (I learned how! thank you, Michie!) and starting my instruction books over.

9. I'm rereading Crazy Sexy Diet, not just talking about rereading it. Also seeing if any of the fridge veggies are salvagable and making juice.

10. I'm going to continue being kind to myself.

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