Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking Stock

You'll be happy to know that Lil Sis is back in my time zone and online, so the rambling posts should cease. The management apologizes for any confusion. We return you now to your regularly scheduled, completely scintillating account of Melanie's life. I'm well aware of how privileged you feel. Bow down before Zod.

Outside: Mostly cloudy, 80. Evening temps promising to drop on weekend. Praying we can open up the house.

Inside: They moved Unbilling and are replacing them with......Tech Support, who's just as noisy! Oh joy!

Wearing: jeans, Docs, brace, big green shirt. Moved up podiatrist appointment, because I don't like how injured the right ankle area feels. The foot issue is causing strain in my lower Achilles.

Reading: Yoga Journal. The Great Hunt. Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health.

Creating: it's an off week...but there's a glimmer in the back of my head that indicates that brainstorming for holiday presents will begin soon. I remember last year thinking how excellent it would be to make lip balm for everyone on my list. Can't believe it's frickin' October already.

Going: nowhere, except my various doctor's appointments. It's a puttering month here.

I'm learning about my body this week. How it's gotten used to exercise and doesn't appreciate the time off at all. How very much we need to eat healthier. How your body compensates when a part of it is faulty. How very good and important that "become your own naturopath" idea is for me. How jazzed I get when the renewal of hobbies present themselves (in this case, restringing the guitar so I can actually play the silly thing). How good sleep for me means a bed with cooperative bedclothes (i toss, turn, and dream weird stuff when the bedclothes are stretched out and cockeyed). How often I have to remind myself that my habits need to change if I'm going to keep things from growing inside of me that I don't want there. How often I have to remind myself to treat my body well. It's the only one I have.

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