Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taking Stock

Where the hell's July going?

It's a busy summer. Long, boring work days and trips to SC conspire to suck time away from me. This last trip was a blast, sans friction, and we enjoyed a huge dose of summer fun on Sunday at the niece's 5th birthday party; but it takes DH and I a full 24 hours to decompress afterwards. We've definitely become used to our particular lifestyle.

Luckily, my back's feeling better. Strained it low, probably from one too many turns as a human jungle gym for the 5-year old. Been taking it easy, and it feels almost OK today, so I'll skip the Y one more day and hopefully find the energy to do some easy yoga after work.

Outside: overcast...high 80s/low 90s this week with rain. The mid-Atlantic coast is getting more heat than Florida right now. The world's upside down.

Inside: snore...realizing that the idea of staffing agency in NC may be appealing to me because I'm so bored out of my skull at work...

Wearing: probably same thing as last week, I should check...

Reading: Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I will own the complete Millennium trilogy. Excellent books.

Creating: an iPod case in black Wool Ease (pattern in my head) and pondering frogging the blasted Candleflame scarf, because I apparently have a mental block with that pattern that's insurmountable until I rewrite the damn thing myself.

Going: nowhere...planning trips to NC for August, saving gas because money's so tight.

Hoping: too large a topic...

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