Monday, June 27, 2011

Unplugged Sunday

Brainchild of Heather & Co. at beautythatmoves.

I've wanted to do this for so dang long. Apparently I need the motivation of gorgeous pics of my old stomping grounds. That beauty comes courtesy of the Unplugged Sunday blog, and it's Connecticut in a nutshell for me. Literally takes my breath away. The hilarious thing is I barely made it outside yesterday. Hard to spend time outdoors in Florida from June to September without spontaneously combusting.

My internal alarm woke me up at 7AM on Sunday, but rather than check to see if the L&O rerun on TNT was worth watching, I rolled over and went back to sleep until 9. Got up and puttered, cleaned the kitchen, made coffee and breakfast, and read for a bit. Been going thru another library phase...Bob Greene's Diabetic Best Life book is decent, has lots more information, but I'm glad I held off buying it, because I think I can make do with his standard Best Life book, and I need to quit spending on a whim. Those days are over. They just hired another editor, and OT is safely in the past for now. That hurts like hell and is motivating me further toward getting nibbles from my NC job hunting.

Got changed and went to the Y. God, I needed that. Did too much for my first day back (7 miles total), naturally, but it was so necessary. I've been gaining again, and having your clothes not quite fit in the heat of summer really sucks.

Me in all my post-Y, summer-splotchy-faced glory...eesh!

Got home, puttered some more. Been thinking of Goodwilling a bunch of purses, and digging out some interview clothes to place on my hanging rack in the bedroom closet (so I'm not frantically tearing through boxes when someone finally does answer my apps) I pulled out the rack and reorganized a bit. Which led to reorganizing my shoes as well, sorting the laundry, etc.

Believe it or not, that mess is an improvement!

Had lunch and read some more, until I felt my attention flagging and grabbed a nap. Felt luxurious, and somehow different, more relaxed, because I was napping to rest my body after that workout, not because my brain was overstimulated from technology. The thunderstorms woke me frequently, but I awoke feeling rested.

Puttered some more, treaded water a bit, because we had dinner planned, but it was becoming obvious that Husby was finally catching up on sleep as well...he hasn't been sleeping great the last couple of days/nights, since his Dad was back in the hospital. So I let him sleep, and gathered the recycling, which took several trips down to the car, because my bod wasn't letting me carry too much at one time, after that workout. Went and dropped the recycling, swung by McDonald's and confirmed the dangerous precedent that more and more local McD's are offering the chocolate chip cookies I crave (thereby negating some of that Y workout, I know...), and then went home. Fixed myself dinner, mentally looked at the small projects I'd completed and declared the day a success, and hopped on the computer just for a quick update. Maybe next week, I'll do all day. For my first time, wasn't necessary.

Crappy phone pic of Sally Hansen Gunmetal tootsies...pls ignore gigantic looking legs...I swear it's the angle!
The current crazy book piles

The rest of the evening was me time...repainted fingers and toes, watched a bit of tube (if you really want to make yourself feel old, check out Season 1 of Fame on the Ovation channel...Lori Singer! Bruno! Doris!...very weird...), read some more, and even picked up my knitting. I have this super-boring project on the needles that I'm mainly doing to use some old Encore, but glancing at Harlot's Knitting Rules in the same crazy pile/area has me thinking of picking up socks again too.

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