Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking Stock

This is a hard week. Nothing to do but put on a smile, keep your head down, and push through it. The memories are like ocean waves, quiet one moment, threatening to topple you over the next, and all the while your feet sink deeper into the sand.....

This time 4 years ago, we knew he was dying, but he was still communicating...Les and I went home spent, numb, I rested for 10 minutes, and knew I had to get back there, so I changed clothes, grabbed yarn, and drove back, and spent a big chunk of that afternoon sitting on the floor of his hospital room, knitting a new throw for something to do, trying to will the life back into his organs with every stitch.....

Real easy to concentrate on website editing with that crap going through your's a blast.

Tomorrow's 4 years since we lost Dad. Ironically, I have my annual echocardiogram scheduled tomorrow morning, and then I'm going up to the arboretum for a nature walk before heading into work. I pray the aches stay tolerable.

Outside: May in Florida and spring is leaving fast...supposed to get up to mid-90s today. Sonofabitch.

Inside: may need Starbucks and the iPod today to get any work done.

Wearing: jeans, wannabe Birks, favorite shirt

Reading: Long Road to a Tomato, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Whole Foods Market Cookbook

Creating: a fitness regimen that works apparently! Looking forward to the Y again tonight, not overdoing it, knee feeling OK.....

Going: OT Saturday, then closing myself in the living room until we pare at least 6 boxes down to 3...

Hoping: Dad knows we're doing OK.

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