Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Taking Stock

Outside: Soggy and cold...wasn't expecting it to be this cold; it's nice. Normally love the rain, we're always half in drought in FL, so can certainly use it...but I'm not loving how city drivers become impatient idiots in it. My driving's gotten just a wee bit more defensive since the accident. Reminds me of junior year; I wrecked the family car 4 days after getting my license. The rest of the school year, I'd get home and Mom would take me out driving, picking narrow roads on purpose, working the fear out of me. I'm awash with gratitude just thinking about it.

Sidebar: I don't normally pick a word to try to shape my thoughts of a year around, but I'm pretty sure 2011 is gratitude. Just keeps cropping up in my writing...

Inside: Cool...we're keeping the windows open. Loving the new bedspread!

Wearing: Fleece sweater (what I call a woobie with sleeves), jeans, and the boots that make me look 12. I'm doing laundry tonight, which means going outside; otherwise I'd be wearing the new slippers, which came today. So comfy!

Creating: New meal ideas, not much else yet. I have plans for some uncreating...there's at least 2 UFOs in my knitting that are going to hit the frog pile this weekend, I think. I just don't see them being worked to completion, and I have ideas for other projects with that yarn.

Reading: The New Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman, with some Huck Finn on the side. Hearing the story of the latest attempts to censor the book got me curious...I was forced to read it in 8th grade, which means I got about 6 chapters in and fudged the rest, earning my C with flying colors. I'm determined to read it through this time. Also, looking forward to some magazine purchases this weekend: Mary Jane's Farm, maybe Mother Earth News, and I'm subscribing to Hobby Farms.

Going: Visiting at some dear friends' on Saturday for knitting and noshing...otherwise, sticking close to home, hopefully getting little things accomplished.

I don't wanna do "Hoping"...that implies a lack of control, and right now, I'm in the present and savoring it. I'm not exercising tonight, because I had other tasks demanding my attention (and I'm hormonal), which are helping me feel centered (domestic crud: dishes, laundry), so I'll do some yoga stretches in a bit. I ate dinner tonight with a teaspoon, so that I wouldn't hoover it...even though it wasn't anything special or even particularly flavorful (pintos with brown rice and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette). I've been drinking water during the day, and I'm back to cognizance where my eating is concerned...eating for hunger and energy, rather than emotions. It feels damn good.

High point: Tried my first Larabar today and was surprised at how tasty they were...I'm in the middle of the peanut butter chocolate chip as a mid-morning snack at work, and I find out I won a pile of the minis and a t-shirt from MamaSpace. What a shot in the arm that was, and a delicious package to look forward to, that will keep me eating more naturally. Thank you, Hannah!

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