Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking Stock

Outside: Not quite chilly enough...warming just enough to be balmy this weekend. I'm trying not to resent it.

Inside: open, thank goodness. Last month's electric bill took a nice dip; we're hoping to keep that up for a while.

Wearing: pink top, purple velveteen PJ bottoms...comfy : )

Creating: hmm...thinking of doing some mending tonight. Breads and cookies will be baked Saturday, as we're celebrating early with my family on Sunday. Most gifts are figured out, and I'm resigning myself to the holiday things that won't get accomplished this year...

Reading: A New Song...and going through a very weird phase (for me) that involves trolling blogs written by homemakers, reformed Christians, and simple living folk...not sure what it all means, but I'm really enjoying the reads...

Going: Nowhere this week...hitting overtime Friday and Saturday at work, and the holiday celebrating will be at Mom's...

Hoping: we can polish off our shopping this weekend, because I'd rather not do any up in SC. That I can make good use of my time this weekend. That the holidays remain happy for us.

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