Monday, December 06, 2010

It's December?

Image (from here) defines how things look inside my head. I'm afloat in a sea of holiday merriment, making lists, thinking about how to decorate our pit of an apartment and my cubicle...paper garlands and snowflakes...ideas for baking and in the future, I want to celebrate St. Nicholas' Day with or without this time next year.....

I've been away...I know you've all missed me, all 6½ of you. My mom's surgery was a success; she's healing and back to work, ½ days to start. I spent most of last week over at her place, helping out. The dog and I got along surprisingly well. I worked out 2 days while I was there. We went and saw Burlesque, which I wasn't expecting to enjoy...but the music had me grinning all the way through. I lost complete track of time, was off work 4 days.

Back at holiday party was OK, didn't win anything as expected. Celebrated 11 years with the company today...wasn't expecting a set of steak knives, but still feels like I deserve combat pay. We're losing our supervisor, gaining more editors, and they still haven't hired a manager. Not crazy about that, going into the holidays, but it's the normal "we fear change, change is evil" chicken-ness...coupled with the pondering of whether or not I should try for the supervisor position. I'm hormonal, and my head still kind of feels like it's screwed on backwards. Sleeping on couches and air mattresses does that to me.

Weather turned cold early down here. I'm in heaven, but since I haven't been home much, it's bringing about these unnatural bursts of organization. Went into the closet tonight looking for my footie pajamas and spent 3 hours unearthing the joint. Was a good exercise, I'm throwing out a huge pile of stuff, but holy crap! We let it get down to 58F in the apartment before we pussed out and turned the heat on...yes, we had the windows open, why do you ask?

Jenna's new Scottish Blackface ewes and a new copy of Mother Earth News about living off the land are setting me dreaming...

Have a great week, y'all!

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