Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Truly Twitteresque, or a Restless Rut Rally

Peas in a casserole are just weird.

Then, why'd you put 'em in, dingus?

Cuz the recipe told me to....



Current Jax, FL temp: 85F...heat index of 90F. I didn't go outside at lunch, because I wasn't in the mood to be completely depressed.

Finally rallying from the latest rut....experiencing a rut rally....may not seem like it, but it's in there, percolating...


Don't think I'll be able to live in the present until I'm at least living somewhere with actual seasons.......

Gonna keep studying Buddhism tho'...certainly can't hurt.....


Knitting occurred last night...just a couple of rows, but still.....I will NOT be sitting here December 1st with that sock taunting me....hey, stupid, isn't xmas in like, 24 days? I'm waiting......


8 glasses of water a day.....how do people do it? The stuff has all the flavor of air.

There's a reason sweet tea is so huge in the South. We need the caffeine because the heat makes us move slower down here, and we need the sugar because........oh, who am I kidding, I'm a carb addict.


Gingersnaps and apple slices for snack at work....will close my eyes and pretend I'm somewhere cool.....

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