Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky Friday

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Happy early Halloween/Samhain, y'all! Alas, no dressing up this year...unless I get creative at the last minute and figure out how to look like processed food, so I can grab the $2 burrito deal at Chipotle :)

I've mentioned/lamented before that I work for a web design company? My company's HR department just rolled through, handing out goodie bags. They were all dressed as waiters/waitresses with that fake web stuff all over them, which made them....wait for it.....web servers.

I may grumble, but I dig a company that knows how to have fun occasionally.

Mom's 2nd trial went much better than the first. Whew! I'll probably stay over with her tonight even if she seems OK, because I need to do laundry and her place could use a spot cleaning.

Kind of wish I hadn't hung my witches' hat on the wall for the last's now got a year's worth of dust on it and looks kind of nasty...which is a shame because my hair's so long and thick, if I really brushed it out and wore the hat, I'd have a kick-ass witch look going on...hmm.....maybe for the scant trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood on Sunday night....

This will be a good weekend. Re-figuring out what's wrong with my knees is producing some soul searching, and Samhain being the Celtic/Pagan New Year makes this a good time to mentally hunker and assess some...stuff. It'll be a contemplative weekend. Hope y'all's is full of chocolate and fun times!

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