Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking stock

Think this may need to be a new Wednesday thing, looking at life midweek...cribbed the concept (aka stole the idea) from Simple Woman's Daybook, but it's personalized to where my scatty brain roams...

Outside: hey clouds, please give us rain! I've been neglecting the plants, and it's hotter n' hell out there...

Inside: too bright, too chilly

Wearing: jeans, Docs, dark blue top...ankles needed real shoes today.

Thinking: lunch, crafting, making to-do lists to get outta this latest rut

Bedroom: Need to start in one corner and just work my way outward

Kitchen: making banana bread tonight to use old bananas

Dining Area: needs bookshelves

Living Room: hope we can paint it when it's decluttered

Creating: MIL's socks and quite glad I ripped them out the other night, as the new ribbing is coming along faster

Reading: Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle over again, and neglecting library books (but most are tomes I'll note the titles/authors of for eventual ownership)

Hoping: I can get stuff accomplished this coming weekend, as we're likely traveling to SC next weekend.

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