Thursday, June 03, 2010

Very Thoughtful Thursday

So much shtuff rolling around my head... Les's gastroenterologist billed us for the CAT scan, which surprised us because we thought the fine print in the insurance says that all diagnostic labs are covered 100%. Further inquiry has me thinking that they get around that with a deductible now, but I'm still appealing it because below that nugget about the deductible, it says in black and white that they cover diagnostic labs it's confusing enough to warrant further query before rolling over.

...thank the gods that I looked into it, because it turns out my cardiologist's office is slow to bill...not only am I going to be charged for my angiogram (up to the $750 deductible at least), but they put an incorrect diagnosis code on my sleep study, and insurance denied the whole thing, so that mess needs to be sorted out my knowledge of our potential debt situation has increased significantly in the past 24 hours. I'm remarkably calm about it right now.

...our lease runs out end of August, so we need to let the complex know before the end of this month what we intend to do. Yesterday I inquired as to how our rent would change, since we're wanting to renew. Our rent will decrease by $20 if we sign a 14-month lease. While I cringe at the thought of staying in that apartment, never mind Florida, that long, the plain truth of our credit report, debt sitch, and that we're hoping to try for small people again starting this month may make that an offer we can't refuse. We'll be talking ourselves into it this weekend.

...had several downpours last night and this morning felt like summer for the first time this year, real Florida summer...walking from the car to the office, it was muggy, cloudless, and hot. I took a walk at lunchtime yesterday and didn't even break a sweat. I think those days are over now.

...exercise still isn't a habit. I'm studying Bob Greene's Best Life Diet again though, in conjunction with my plans to create a weekly cross-training regimen of cardio, Kathy Smith, and yoga. Making the time for ridiculous that we make it so hard to do that.

...did a couple of rows on the cardi last night, SO nice to be working with yarn again. Started a Cookie A. pattern for Mom J., but I'm thinking of ripping it out because YO to purl is such a pain in the arse...we'll see...

...the fact that someone had the idea "hey, let's go nuclear on the BP oil spill" and our government discussed its merits before tossing it renders me speechless...

...and my shoelaces broke on my Docs yesterday, so I replaced 'em with camouflage laces. Can't wait to embarass my children with decisions like this >:) Yeah, you know you're jealous.

(all images except the last one snitched from msnbc's Animal that owl shot! Doesn't it just look like one of them should be saying, "um, hey Joe, think it's time to clean the lint screen?")

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