Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank goodness

a) it's Friday.

b) my mouth's feeling better.

I don't trust it yet, but it's improved. Had a crown placed Wednesday morning and the next day, Thursday, was a little slice of hell. Heat, cold, air, the little bastard was throbbing, and I was out of Advil. You know it's bad when you start dreaming of the root canal. But I knew it needed to acclimate, so there was no point in calling the dentist, and I have another appointment in less than 2 weeks, so...good news is, I think it's acclimating. And Husby gave me a pinch of the good stuff, so I experienced relief and slept like a rock last night. Whew!

Rain's not supposed to hit til tomorrow afternoon, and I'm holding them to that...the thought of walking with my mom and 150 wet dogs isn't the most appealing. Looking forward to cleaning, organizing...another full-of-promise Friday :)

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