Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One Small Change update n' other stuff

image from a Barns calendar
Small changes will lead to bigger changes. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

January was tough; I was nailed with a head cold, some stress about the cardiac tests I'm having done, and work was abysmal. But the book boxes are stacked nicely in the dining area, the Goodwill/Hubbard House box is overflowing, and I've started to clean. That's a biggie.

Technically, that's February, since the desire to scrub overcame me this past Sunday (edit: heh...just realized Sunday was January, my bad). I spent 2 hours unfilthing the kitchen, and by some miracle, it's still in that condition. It's inspired me to declutter the bedroom, and the bar and dining area will be getting the same treatment this weekend.

For One Small Change, I thought about just continuing with January's goals, since there's still plenty of work there, but I'm realizing the itch to recycle is growing. So sometime this month, I will be purchasing a cheap plastic bin for recyclables. When it fills up, I'll go to the disposal location on Philips. There's just no excuse to let it overflow or to put dirty stuff in the bin. That was kind of an issue last time, but now that I'm on this cleaning kick, there's no stopping me!

Well, that's the hope anyway :)

So January was purging, February will be recycling. And spreading out the cleaning. Cool.

I discovered Cold Antler Farm this week, and it's awakened something inside of me. Where has she been all my 30s? I wake up in the morning and think about being grumpy or rolling over for another 15, and then I think, suck it up, she's been up for 2 hours already and the animals are fed. I'm realizing what I want is a hobby farm. I don't aspire to huge numbers of livestock...just some sheep for wool, chickens for eggs, a large garden. Dogs too, big ones :)

But for now, catching up and getting us moved. I'm doing the taxes this weekend, and gods willing, will catch up and stop the damn borrowing cycle we've been on for over a year. The relief that will bring...

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