Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glimmers of change?

So I reorganized the closet this weekend. Restacked boxes, consolidated...my purses have been all over the place since we went camping. Three bags of stuff so far for Goodwill. Floor space has been restored. Feels good. Didn't get to the filing cabinet in the dining area like I wanted, but did enough where I didn't feel guilty for resting too. Taking care of me, what a concept. We won't even discuss how late I slept in on Saturday.

Made my lunch today...made it last night and set up my coffee to turn on automatically...such a simple thing, 10 minutes out of my evening made for a much more relaxed morning. I'm weaning off Starbucks lattes. About damn time.

The daystar's back out and I'm itching to walk. Did some knee bends this morning, looking forward to more leg exercises this evening. Started re-reading a health program that's available through my insurance online...it's motivating me for some reason. Why now? Won't question...just taking things one moment at a time. If I reach to graze, ask myself if I'm actually hungry.

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