Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thoughtful Wednesday

Monica: "Yo Bing, racquetball in 20 minutes!"
Chandler: "Joey, do me a favor...lift up my hand and smack her with it."
Paraphrased from Friends - "The One Where Ross Finds Out"

I'm in a bit of pain today. Did a little jogging yesterday, just short spurts, giving exercise to my littlest sister, otherwise known as my Mom's puppy, Chloe. Took the day off yesterday to help Mom through a health procedure. That part was easy, even walking the dog was easy at the's gorgeous these days, not too hot yet, and the puppy and I both reveled in the fresh air. Sat on my butt the rest of the time, got laundry done, finished the sock. Today though.....remember those Droopy the dog cartoons? When the larger dog would underestimate Droopy and find himself being tossed and slammed on the ground from one side to another? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling like today. When a 4.5 lb. puppy manages to kick your ass, it's time to re-evaluate again.

And yet, the soreness brings that feeling of ALIVE and a reminder that that feeling isn't a bad thing if it means you're taking steps to get healthier. So I'm trying not to look on it as a negative, rather as a stepping-off point. If I have any energy tonight, I'm doing yoga while I watch TV. Keep that feeling going...

In the midst of the numbness, as I tuck into a heinous amount of work that has no chance of being fully accomplished today thanks to yesterday's absence from this delightful strapped-to-a-keyboard daily existence that I enjoy, I find my mind wandering to a happy place...the cave called Stumphouse Tunnel near Walhalla, SC, where Husby and I explored that Saturday, the weekend we went camping last month (my gosh, was it just last month? Seems longer...). Dark, cool surroundings, eyes big with trying to see the different veins of rock in the walls, the cold water dripping, exploring for pieces of granite to take back to mark the occasion, and the deliciousness of just hanging with my lifemate. Really nice to find my brain wandering back to that...

OK, back to work :(

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