Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stress break

Hawkeye: If they try and serve us that garbage one more time, I'm going to throw a fit.
Trapper: You won't throw a fit.
Hawkeye: Then I'll throw a berserk with a strong resemblance to a fit.
Paraphrased from M*A*S*H "Adam's Ribs"

We're losing another editor to their dream job (teaching). That brings our in-house editor number down to 5...and out of those, 2 work odd hours and one is completely dedicated to a specific project. So I'm feeling a little stressed and needed to post a whine. Because on top of that, we're finally getting caught up, which means less work, which means the higher-ups may decide we don't need as many editors as we'd like. The potential for that development doesn't amuse me. If my boss decides to jump ship after he gets his MBA this month, he's going to find his home rolled in toilet paper and his motorcycle up a tree.

It also helps punctuate that I'm not doing what I'd like to be doing and makes me jealous of those that are able to manage it, which makes me ornery...so I'm whining. Wah.

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MeadowLark said...

Have some cheese to go along with your wine.
No, I'm serious. Sounds sucky and you might as well relax a little with some wine and cheese. Hope things improve. :)