Tuesday, October 28, 2008

49 degrees

It just figures that I think about neglecting the blog for awhile and the weather goes and gives me something to gush about...

Actually it's 55 out there right now...yes folks, 55 at 1:15 in the afternoon in Florida. I'm in heaven. Wore a sweater to work. Having an attack of startitis and can't wait to go home and start a pair of fingerless gloves or work the blue mittens I've started. Thinking about baking with apples and squash. Fall, for however short a time, has arrived in Jax!

I'm so happy I could squeak. I didn't want to go to work this morning, first day with the boss back, never mind how difficult it's been lately, but the minute I felt that air as I was walking down my stairs, my face got that big goofy cold-weather grin it gets and I felt instantly better. Just ate lunch outside. May have to go out mid-afternoon for a breather >:)

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