Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bursting with ideas

In the past, couldn't understand how manic depressives enjoyed their condition, because back before I was medicated, I lived much more in the lows than the highs. Now that I've been properly medicated, and am currently living on about a third of my normal meds, I see the allure. The highs are nice; I feel happy and strong, and my brain turns on big-time.

  • Instead of cluttering the apartment with both of the garage cabinets I have my eye on, if just the bottom one is in good shape, bringing that to the apartment as a pantry, and placing the chopping block on top, will free up counter space in kitchen proper...

  • If we can't afford to move in or out of town come baby-time, maybe moving to a new apartment within our current complex...

Man, these mood swings are a blast (she said sarcastically)...the politics of a flawed work system just made me look bad on the job and I'm livid, so I'll end this before I start ranting. Snuck both those pictures from other blogs for their calming influences...the pantry is from Two Frog Home, the green beans from Tiny Farm Blog. I aspire to both illustrations.

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