Sunday, July 20, 2008

Such a seesaw

In a hilarious turn of events, I may be getting groomed for a promotion at work. I got this news at the very end of the day on Friday; and after the stress of spending a week wondering if my hours were going to be cut and should I be looking for a second job, I needed a beer. One turned into four. Didn't wake up that hungover, but you know how your body feels pooped out after overindulging? Add the monthly hormonal hostage crisis and an afternoon planting aloe in the Florida sun...well, let's just say I'm taking it easy today. And I'm pretty sure my biceps are disowning me.

I'll have to prove myself to some of my higher-ups...I've spent the last 8 years shying away from responsibility and presenting myself as a workhorse for them and nothing more; so when my team leader has brought up my name as a potential for supervisory responsibility, he's been met with skepticism. This doesn't bother me; just means I need to reacquiant the bosses with what I'm capable of. I know going in, that I can't rely on just my team leader's opinion of me; he's still too easy to impress because he's new to this business. But I also know, have always known, that I have the ability to be a decent manager; and I've changed a lot in the past year. So I have some work to do.

Mom's backyard looks neat. We planted the rest of the aloe that I wanted to part with, and laid down a red mulch, so it actually looks like a deliberate grove of stuff under the trees now. Will probably need a bit more mulch as the rainy season progresses. I'll miss the Big Boys, but I'm so glad they're in real ground now and out of our apartment. I kept some babies and Mom bought me a jade yesterday to add to my collection of living stuff.

Most of my herbs have wimped out on my first tries; conditions just aren't terrific, but I'm not giving up...thinking of reseeding the ones that pooped out. Thinned the tomatoes a bit last week and I'm going to talk to Husby about keeping them on the porch in the mornings and then having him bring them in when the afternoon rains hit. I have to shift my schedule at work, so won't be getting home til almost 6 now; otherwise I'd handle it myself...but since he's home...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab a nap and feel absolutely no guilt about it :)

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