Thursday, May 08, 2008


This time last year, Dad received his third clean bill of health from as many doctors in a week. He went home that night, had dinner, took out the garbage, and God decided it was time for him to rest.

We'll head up to SC tomorrow morning. Mom and Meara are going to Savannah this weekend; Cyril has Hunter, which should be a really good distraction. Strength and prayers to his ex; she made a very important decision this week

I look forward to driving up tomorrow in the daytime. The backroads of SC are dotted with farms...long expanses of fields populated by crops, horses, and cows and bulls. It starts when we turn out of Estill and stretches to the Savannah River Plant (aka the bomb plant, or where they used to perform heavy-water operations for nuclear power, and possibly still do...we also half-jokingly refer to it as a front for alien activity).

I ache to be there going to be fighting with my concentration level all day today, I can tell. There's no point in blocking the memories, just gotta let 'em ride. I'll plan for the trip when my mind wanders, and dream of the tall trees.

The stimulus check came in!!! Happy dance, happy dance!!!

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