Friday, May 30, 2008


Sorry, can't let the week go by without a little more whine...

"My head feels like it weighs 5 pounds."
—Frank Burns, M*A*S*H

The good news is it appears to be abating without spreading to my eyes or chest. That's quite cool; an average head cold for me means I can sit and both eyes will just weep, especially the lazy one. The bad news is Husby caught it too, and his average head cold turns into bronchitis, so he won't be able to help again this weekend, when I go to Mom's. I wouldn't let him anyway; it's not worth the stress on his immune system...Such is life.

Too much to do tomorrow! We need to drag out the cement mixer and tree branches from the backyard, pack and switch her desks (a large task involving breaking down and moving most of the furniture attached to the living room desk area into the garage, and replacing it with the small desk from her bedroom), and we'd like to plant aloe under the trees where the cement mixer and branches are.....I can already see the planting taking a backseat; the other projects are more important as the realtor's coming again early next week. Still, it'll be nice to get some outdoor work in; in spite of this cold, I'm craving fresh air.

My seeds are in the mail! More planting on Sunday, and hopefully some baking too...haven't done bread from scratch in ages. Also will set up my rainwater barrel out on the porch...and a bunch of other dreamy stuff like decluttering the dining area a bit and pawing through my stash for sock yarn to start a pair for MiddleSisinLaw for Christmas...still always planning, planning...

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