Monday, March 03, 2008

Yay! No more February!

There's certain months that rub me the wrong way. February, April, and parts of July and August, for some inexplicable reason. I'm sure July and August are mainly given a bad rap by me because of the oppressive weather around that time; February and April, no clue. Anyhoo, glad it's March. Feels like a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and all that goop that goes with Spring. My reorganization around the apartment will evolve into Spring Cleaning really soon, and then we're talking about painting the place, one bit at a time. I'm thinking about buying real curtain rods and making curtains, which isn't as hard as it sounds since we only have 2 windows in the place, and since we're both really happy with the beach towel that currently acts as a curtain in the dining room, I'll just machine-sew the top so it'll fit on a proper rod. Later on, I'll think about something extra to cover the vertical blinds at the sliding glass door.

Weird weekend...if there's such a thing as a 12-hour flu, I had it on Saturday...sick headache and tummyache, so I just loaded up on remedies and rested. Then yesterday, felt much better, so puttered in the morning and went to Mom's in the afternoon to get a small workbench from the garage for use as a sewing machine table. Turned out Mom wanted to unload her sewing machine at the same time, so now I have a Singer circa 2000-and-something that needs TLC so it'll stop vexing me, and a Singer circa 1966 that hopefully still works like a charm. And if I move fast, she's letting me have a computer desk too; I'll get my dining room table back! (dining room table currently houses computer) I say move fast, because she offered it to Lil Bro first, but he and the new squeeze have a line on one for I want to lay claim to the sucker before their deal falls through and he changes his mind.

I also decided (and discussed with Husby) to lay off the fertility meds for 6 more months, while I lose some weight. We're still going to be trying, but it's just impossible to chart it down to the nitty-gritty when he's in pain almost all the time, and me stressing over it was only making it worse. Plus I've been watching some Discovery Channel Home shows, like Babies-Special Delivery, and it reminded me of just how many things I'm asking to go wrong by trying to get pregnant when I'm this big. I'm a poster mama for pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and a host of other issues. Not fair to me or the potential small person. So if it happens before then, it happens. On the upside, my knees are improving, I think in response to me starting Glucosamine-Chondroitin again, so my desire to exercise is getting a kick in the pants. That's a big relief, because my joints have been giving me a time of it on basic stuff, like going up and down stairs, which certainly also contributed to the baby-making delay/wake-up call. It's scary to be only 38 and thinking that you're setting yourself up for a lifetime of arthritis pain. Of course, since I've made this delightfully responsible decision, I'll probably get pregnant on my first try ;)

Another wake-up call, spending time with the nephew this weekend...granted, Hunter ain't your average 7-year-old...they're weaning him off most or all of his meds, because he developed thyroid or thyroid-type issues (monster goiters on his neck). I'm sure his mom is at her wit's end, but personally, I like him less doped up. The result is a whirling dervish of a blond stringbean, who's a pinch easier to understand (words come out of his mouth sounding like English, rather than his own language...heard him call me Aunt Melanie yesterday on his own for the first time, and I just melted) and tactile without provocation. That's a delight, since your garden-variety autistics are usually hands-off, whereas this guy will come up and give you a hug without prompting, if he knows you. When a bunch of Lil Bro's friends came to the house yesterday to help him move stuff, Hunter walked right up to the guy and put his hand out to shake. Small miracle where an autistic is concerned, and proof that labels don't make the man, or kid in this instance. I even got some cuddles; he wanted a hug at one point, was raising his hands up to me, and I realized that in spite of his size, he's light enough to lift, so I hoisted him up and he buried his head in my chest, like he was hiding. I melted again, and got my mommy-urge quota filled in the process. But his energy level has risen exponentially, so he spins and he's always moving, until finally you have to yell at him to chill, so he doesn't hurt himself or break furniture or something. The good news is he still recognizes the time-out chair for what it is, and it tones him down, but still, I'm glad I was there to help Mom out. I was also so numb with exhaustion afterward, it only reinforced my belief that my decision, in spite of my age, to wait a little longer on the fertility meds, was sound. I have to believe that the gods will reward my patience if I put in the hard work I'm planning to over the next 6 months, maybe even before that. ::crosses fingers::

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