Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So I know it's deeply personal, but...

Before Clinton (god forbid) makes it to the White House, could someone please inquire as to whether or not the woman is on hormone replacement therapy? Because I can't imagine running the free world while enduring a hot flash...

Enjoying my first ones this week, and they damn well better be due to the Clomid, because if it's just age taunting me, I will have a small breakdown. As I wrote on the MJ Health site, those delights have me wishing I could cut my hair (no, better yet, shave it), work topless, and shower on my lunch break. It HAS to be the Clomid giving my hormones a jolt, right? Well, tomorrow's Les's and my 9th wedding anniversary, so maybe that Thanksgiving baby I was hoping for still has a shot!

I'm at loose ends lately, not knitting enough...thought about doing some hand-sewing last night (there's 2 sweaters that need repair work), but given my hot flash frustration, really couldn't think about working on them...did my nails instead and hit the sack early. I'm rearranging the house this week...moved stuff around Monday night and brought up the sewing machine and table. Machine fits right under table when not in use, very cool! Will definitely try it out this week on a pillow pattern I cut out years ago and never pieced together. Did try out the machine I have from Mom J, and sadly, the issues with tension still exist. I think the bobbin holder's too loose, and may try some repair work of my own on it in the future, but for now, if Mom's machine works, I'm happy as a clam, since that's the machine I grew up with, earned my Girl Scout sewing badge with...really comfortable with it.

9 years...we've known each other 11... amazing! It may not be an easy life I've chosen for myself, but I know it's right every time I look in his eyes.

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