Monday, February 18, 2008

Mood swings are a blast

Took me 2 solid days to realize that the price I'd been given for the Clomid HAD to be too high, that the dingbat tech hadn't heard me say generic...sure enough, generic is a price range we can live with. Cannot believe it took me til Sunday for that to dawn on me...that's one (of several) frustrating things about decreasing meds, when other folks notice you're changing, be it mood swinging, flakiness, or something equally embarassing, and you think you're doing just fine. Quite disconcerting. Anyway, elaboration on that epiphany on MJ Health.

Knitting this week will try to focus on Broadripple...seems kind of rude to tell Husby he can have those socks and then promptly relegate the sucker to SSS. I'm still working Beach of course, and picking up the cowl again, because that's an easy knit that I'd rather not draw out til next winter.

Took back the library books I was done itching for some fiction, but I'm pretty finicky about that genre, so may take a wander through Good Reads for ideas before I wander the stacks. Focusing otherwise on the budget books and Yoga Body, Buddha Mind. Polished off the taxes yesterday with ease, which will decrease our bank debt nicely...not home-free yet, but getting there. SO glad I did it online; I'd never heard of the retirement savings credit before yesterday, wish there was a way to declare that sucker retro! Got all the way through H&R Block's Tax Cut with a disc I got in the mail, only to realize they try to charge you $19.95 to file after you're finished. Glad I did that though, because then I went online to, filed through one of those free subcontractors, and got the same total.

So nice to be feeling better again! Knees a lot less achy, heck, whole body a lot less achy. Going to focus on yoga and Bean work this week, because I seem to be having trouble getting my lazy butt out of the house to workout lately, and since that stuff can be done in the bedroom, I'm out of excuses again :)

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