Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm hooked on this lady:

Hooked on her creativity, her kids, her pictures...seriously stirring something. I'm in a rut this week; been eating too much fast food, doing very little at night, and letting things pile up. Husby makes noise about how it's his fault too, but the plain truth is that when he's hurting, the last thing he wants to think about is rotating the dishes or running a vacuum over the carpet. I should probably crack the whip a little more, not enable him so's a work in progress.

So I went into today wanting to work harder, wanting to dig out of said rut, and I happen along this lady's blog. She's been at it for going-on 3 years, so I couldn't plow through her archives in an afternoon, but man, what delightful reads. Great New England pics too; they're from Portland, Maine. I think I may have to go home and tear apart the bedroom, unless I jump right back onto the computer when I get home and read more of her archives.

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