Monday, November 26, 2007

Fresh start.....again

Hard to think of the end of November as being a place for a fresh start...fresh starts are for spring or the beginnings of months...well, maybe this one has a better chance of holding because it's at an unusual time.

Thanksgiving was a bit mopey, but I guess that's understandable. I get that I needed to come down a bit from my month of good feelings; just wish the fates didn't have to kill off one of my cats in the process. We kept it rather simple; the food was delicious, but it felt mediocre. The rest of the weekend sped by rather disconcertingly, but parts of it were good so I'm not as pissed as I'd normally be when that happens. Friday I spent some time with Mom and Lil Sis; we went to the St. Johns Town Center and just window shopped. It was naturally jammed with Black Friday folks, but I must've been in a good place because it didn't depress me that I couldn't buy anything, and the crowds didn't make me want to smack anyone...well, except for this one mother who was admonishing her kid loudly in public. I realize I'll sing a different tune when I have my own urchins, but when I see stuff like that, I have to hold back from going over to the woman and asking her if it's ever dawned on her that if she disciplined her kid properly at home, maybe he wouldn't feel the need to act out in public. Sometimes it is as simple as teaching them right from wrong. Of course, I say that while thinking that one of the reasons that Cyril and I were so well behaved in public as kids, was plain fear of pissing off Dad. I don't want to rule with an iron hand when the time comes though; I have to believe there's a happy medium. Maybe it's time to do some reading on the subject.

Saturday was mope around day, which left me feeling quite vile, but I rallied Sunday with a trip to the Westside to see the brick we had placed in the grotto behind the Catholic church in memory of Dad, and breakfast at Mom's. Got home mid-afternoon, puttered a bit, made cookies, and relaxed the rest of the day, which was nice. Poor Husby was working through the latest migraine, so I kept noise to a minimum, got up to the calf decreases on the 2nd sock, and read a bit. Really helped make Monday morning easier somehow, though would've helped even more if I'd gotten off my butt and fixed myself lunch for the next day, but I made do this morning. Baby steps.

This week is rearranging the apartment to put up the tree and laying out the finances for the end of the year. We're so far in the hole, I took myself off direct deposit so that we can actually pay bills. But Christmas bonus or not, there's a good chance we plain can't afford the holidays this year, so we're warning people now. It's about time we change the way the holiday goes anyway; I'm so beyond the idea of blowing money on things people don't need. I'd so rather make a donation in someone's name than get them something they won't use. This financial lousiness couldn't have happened at a better time.

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