Friday, August 10, 2007


Blissful, delicious Friday...

My boss is becoming a daddy today. I'm alternating between being delighted for him and insanely jealous. I know I'm not ready yet, that I/we still have some work to do...heck, my back alone is proof of that this week. Doesn't make the feelings any easier though...but at least I know what I'm knitting this weekend. Started the kimono last night in sherbet green LB Jiffy; thank goodness I came to my senses about doing a blanket for the kid too!

Begrudgingly admit the Celebrex is working...caught up on sleep last night, feeling better...

Random all labors start in the middle of the night, or does it just seem like that?

This weekend...Saturday is laundry at the house, Suns game with Mom Saturday night, getting to see Hunter (and Cyril), then Sunday at home for some serious cleaning. Also Sunday I'm doing a ritual to both celebrate Lughnassadh a shade late, and commemorate Dad being gone 3 months.

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