Monday, June 11, 2007

One Day at a Time...

Grief is AA without the fun of detox. I'm starting to tool along again with a spot of normalcy and then suddenly I'm socked in the gut. Friday was a sleepy blur as I caught up on rest (again...probably dipping into the negatives on my PTO at work); Saturday started out nice, cleaned the kitchen, which felt fantastic; but the new Fergie song on the radio on the way to my folks' house left me weepy and letting out some screams; then back to ok as I enjoyed good food and company with Christy, my best friend since the 6th grade, who took time out of her vacation to come up to my folks' house to feed us. Sunday was breakfast with ruthee, Dana, and Carebear (VERY nice to see them again...haven't been to KB in a while obviously), then naptime, which left me feeling dragged out, then church on the northside for my Lil Bro's baptism (he became a member of the Dinsmore Baptist family), which buoyed me considerably, a feat in itself considering most of that crowd would consider my afterlife to resemble the inside of a brick oven...I try to experience new churches from a sociological, anthropological, or scholarly point of view, but it's a tricky proposition when you're facing an onslaught of pity and damnation from the pulpit. Still, I so respect my Lil Bro for taking charge of his life the way he has and finding his faith; the pride's frickin' leaking out of my ears!

Today, it's plain mind over matter; we'll see how long it lasts. I made a list last night of several little things to accomplish, I'm keeping the kitchen clean and planning a decent meal for tonight, and there's a new Kyle XY season starting on the tube this evening.

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