Monday, June 25, 2007


When I don't get enough accomplished on the weekends, my brain works a little better on a Monday, because I'm scanning my attic for ideas and listings of what didn't get done on my time off...not enough of a reason to completely slack off on the weekends, that's for sure, but I was a hormone hostage on Saturday, so I'm less hard on myself. But laundry had fallen to the wayside, and I didn't want to spend money on it, so I went to the folks' house on Sunday and ended up spending the whole day there, which is fine, nice to visit, but their dryer is a joke and their furniture selection is so ancient and hard, it's difficult to get comfortable in the place. Drying the clothes there definitely is giving me the incentive to get back to doing laundry at my complex, especially with gas prices not decreasing significantly enough either...I mean, we live in the same town, but it's easily 25 minutes from my place. So spending Sunday doing that makes me out of sorts and wishing for more time...wishing it was next week at least, with the blasted holiday right smack in the middle of everything. Ah well.

Nice to visit tho'...Lil Sis was in town because a high school friend is currently playing the Cowardly Lion in the Alhambra's Wizard of Oz...if I didn't loathe the story so much, I would've asked to tag along, because her friend's a real talent. Since all three of us were there, Mom had us make final decisions on Dad's clothes, and got Lil Bro to put those boxes in the trunk of her car, so she can drop them at the City Rescue Mission sometime this week. We've given them 2 cars in the past, and they were the first charitable establishment to send a card when Dad's obit went public.

Definitely starting to get restless...with this being off-season for TV, so to speak, I'm going to try to spend some time in the dining room in the evenings this week, getting organized. Thanks to Lil Sis, I pulled both (Husby's and my) credit reports off the web yesterday, and while they weren't quite as hideous as I thought they'd be, they did underline pretty clearly where we need to improve if we want to move next year or soon after...Did some reading through OpenCourseWare via MIT on Saturday, just for grins, and it felt so good to be studying like that again...can't afford to buy the books and actually take whole courses yet, but reading those articles jump-started my motivation. Then listening to NPR this morning did more of the same, reminded me that I want to keep our house clean, start eating healthier, more organic or environmentally friendly foods, and recycling. Going to look for some canvas hamper-type bins for the recycling, and spend the week unpacking/repacking the house.

Started the log cabin blanket this weekend, and thanking whatever possessed me to do that first block in rice stitch, because to make it look nice, one of the only rules to log cabin knitting is that you always cast off your piece on the right side, and I wouldn't have had a clue if I'd done the entire thing starting in garter. This way I always know which side is the front. Ideally I want this to be a blanket for our bed, but we have a king-size, so we'll see where the delusions of aptitude and yarn have me actually ending up. Unraveled and rolled the bag of scrap yarn I got from Michie at the stash-busting party because the colors are complementary to where I'm heading initially with this...and it's nice, soft yarn, which helped me get over the idea of using any crap yarn, like Red Heart, on this project. I want this to be soft and pretty; the ole knitter's pride has kicked in. Since this and the random wrap have portability issues, I'll be revisiting my socks this week and thinking about other small projects, like that baby set for Cooper (Steve and Lynn's upcoming 2nd son).

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ruthee said...

You sound bizzy, woman. I want to see your swatch! (No, that is not a euphemism for something yukky).