Thursday, April 19, 2007


Keep forgetting I don't like it when I let this blog be a whining zone.

Then again, if I don't vent a little of the Jordan guilt, I'll just eat it so maybe the blog suits its purpose just fine. I've gone at least 5 days without real chocolate (I don't count SlimFast), and my body's definitely adjusting fast. Grabbed some Skittles yesterday and it sent my blood sugar into a tailspin.

Definitely a random knitting week. Wanted to start something last night that wouldn't require much brain power, so I cast on some LB Chenille for a scarf. I'll be ripping it out later today; it's not speaking to me at all. Should've just worked on the FnF scarf, brain needs are pretty minimal with that pattern.

Jordan's still more on people food than cat food, but at least he's eating. Cold cuts, chicken breast...thinking of adding some soft-boiled egg to the repertoire tonight. Got a great shot of him drinking out of the john with the digicam. Need to add some carbs too, right now he's mainlining protein. He's a sucker for cheese, and I'm thinking of making him mashed potatoes this weekend. I'm trying to feed him when I'm getting ready in the morning, so I can get the first dose of antibiotics into him then, and I must have a knack because he hasn't broken the skin yet biting me when I do it.

Get to go to my Kim-Ashchi appointment tomorrow with 20 pounds still on my frame. I think this is going to be a thinking weekend.

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