Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wonky week

Man, having Husby out of town made me out of sorts. I performed strange tasks, like playing Mah Jong on the PS2 incessantly instead of knitting. And I dipped into cleaning house a bit, which isn't like me. I talk a good game about wanting to get organized, but for someone who was born right smack in the middle of Virgo, I've certainly shed most of my anal-retentive desires for perfection, at least where my environment is concerned. I'm even giving thought to cleaning the litter box before he gets home! Someone stop me before I make our place habitable for guests!

Work was out of sorts this week too, which didn't help. It's impossible to make incentive on a strange computer. I got moved early this past week, and am just now settling in at a new desk (Saturday). For once I don't mind the weekend work, because it's certainly better than knocking around that house getting down on myself for not doing enough. I got maintenance into the apartment yesterday, and came home to a new kitchen faucet (thank god! I shudder to think what next month's water bill will be like); and Les made a suggestion last night that had been rattling unconsciously around in my own brain—not even bothering to get the closet fixed. So after I do a couple of things in the main room to organize, I'll probably tuck into that closet and do some purging, so that we can use it as storage for packed boxes as we get closer.

Health's holding its own, not too headachy, which I'm thankful for, because with Les gone, I haven't been trying with any diligence to eat right. Les on the other hand, is sweating out viral bronchitis up in SC. If they don't need him to help move his sis, he'll hopefully be heading home early Wednesday :)

Oh, here's a funny...made oatmeal butterscotch bars last night, or attempted to. But Nestle's recipes call for a jellyroll pan and I use a 13x9x2, so it requires some check-and-cook-and-check time as you get to the end. I took them out, let them cool a bit, and used a white plastic spatula (hand-sized, no handle) to cut a piece and see if they were done. They weren't, so I popped them back in for a bit. 5 to 10 minutes later, I check them, and what the hell is that big splotch of white on top? Did someone drip down from the oven roof? Nope, it's clean. It looks like marshmallow fluff, but there's no way......oh f*ck, where's the spatula? ::sigh:: Slid most of it off the top while it was still warm enough to move. Gotta remember to call my mom today and thank her again for the blondeness I inherited from her :)

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