Monday, February 26, 2007

Old me, new hair

Going through phases. Took quite a bit of will to keep the scissors away from the hair this weekend. Instead brought it back to a burgundy that's not nearly burgundy enough for my liking, so I'm also adding some fuchsia highlights.

Hormones and planning a move just don't mix. I mean, it's completely normal for me to go into a weekend with all these hopes and dreams of things I'm going to accomplish, and then not doing them, but when you've got the hormones helping thwart your plans...funny thing is, I'm less frustrated than I should be. I mean, technically, we need to be telling people we've made decisions on living arrangements by like, Wednesday. Never mind that I want to box stuff up...but we need more boxes and tape. I want to clean out the catch-all end tables and convince Husby to toss them. I want to toss the corkboard and my couch, and transfer all the material from the old CPU to the new one, so that we can toss all our old computer equipment. (That'll help things a lot; we're talking 2 monitors, 3 CPUs, a dot matrix printer, and gosh-knows-what-all accessories taking up space in various areas of the dining room) The kitchen didn't even get cleaned this weekend. Instead I took most of the old VHS tapes and culled them, fast-forwarding through them to make sure there wasn't anything decent on them, and then tossing them. This also meant indulging in some old West Wings and a Chicago Hope or two, which made the time fly, but almost everything got thrown out because the quality wasn't worth keeping them to tape over. My gosh, what pack rats we are! The funniest was forwarding through stuff and seeing Bob Hite and Gayle Sierens doing news updates, which means I taped them in Tampa (at least 12 years ago, probably more). Since I consider this life to have started when I met Les in Fort Myers, maybe that's why I'm less frustrated with the lack of things accomplished this weekend...because tossing those tapes had a cathartic effect. This whole move's going to have shades of that, I can tell.

mr. sock got the attention this weekend, turned his heel on Saturday and am in the home stretch of what I consider my first true sock. I did make that pair of Thuja a while back, but I used the most awful yarn you could possibly use to make socks (wool ease)...they won't even stay on, let alone stay up; it's like exponential cankles. So this pair I'm excited about, which is as it should be since it's with the yarn ruthee gave me to make my first socks in the first place. :)

As I predicted, I'm losing interest in the Petunia bag, but that's also because a couple of us are trying our hands at double knitting with the Pirate Queen's Booty Bag. I am not a Jolly Roger gal, so I was trying to think of something else to chart, but now I think I will go with my original idea of just leaves or something, orange on brown, because I can't afford to buy new yarn right now, that's for sure. So I'll probably rip out the Petunia tonight and give the pattern a good look-see. Or plow through the home stretch on mr. sock part I. Kitchener stitch, here I come!

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