Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Midweek blahs

We need a new post here, if for no other reason than to push down the one below it.

Money's a pain. Found out we can't access 401K until I actually become a remote worker for my firm. Makes sense, saves us from ourselves, does us no good for the move. At least our stock went up a little. And we're getting an ok tax return. Baby steps.

Knitting is focused this week on the SSS (a row at a time) and the Petunia bag. I'm sure I'll get bored with ole Petunia soon and she'll be relegated to UFO status, but hopefully if that happens it'll be so that I can put some real time in on mr. sock or finish the feather and fan scarf. I can dream...

Ignoring my library books in favor of some renewed craft interest...skipped Imbolc completely and am feeling the need to get my hands in the dirt. Working on my resume this week for the park ranger position in Columbia, but that's such a shot in the dark. After I finish it and send it in, I'll focus on a couple of other positions with potential for bennies. February's going by a bit fast for my liking; we'll set aside a security deposit for the SC apartment complex and talk to them and our complex late this week/top of next...little things coming together.

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