Thursday, July 20, 2006

So it turns out I was REALLY bored at work today...

100 Things about Me:

1. I’m married.

2. I like Bookman Old Style font.
3. I’m a mom to 2 cats.
4. I hope to be a mom to at least 1 kid someday.
5. I’m 5’ 8”.
6. My weight is not proportionate to my height.
7. I’m a website editor.
8. I’ve written a novel. Hasn’t hit a publisher yet.
9. I have very flat feet and bunions.
10. I have a lithium deficiency.
11. I have a brother who’s 3 years younger than me.
12. I have a sister who’s 14 years younger than me.
13. We all come from the same parents.
14. I want a house with a yard for a garden and animals, a wind turbine, solar panels, and a compost heap someday.
15. The compost heap’s name will be Marjory.
16. My cats are named Jordan and Figaro.
17. Jordan’s a rather docile 11-year-old boy kitty.
18. Figaro’s a rather evil 3-year-old girl kitty.
19. We never had pets growing up.
20. I love nature. My best childhood memories are on Above All, the 7-acre spread we lived on in Warren, CT.
21. I have excellent hair.
22. I have blue eyes.
23. I’m a bit of a TV addict.
24. I’m a font of useless entertainment trivia.
25. I was born right after the Summer of Love (’69).
26. However, my folks aren’t baby boomers or hippies, so it didn’t mean anything.
27. I’m a witch though, so the hippie vibe snuck in there somehow.
28. I consider myself Unitarian, study witchcraft, and read everything I can get my hands on concerning other world religions.
29. I hope to go back to school someday to study anthropology, environmental science, and world religion.
30. I met James Doohan at a Star Trek convention and got his autograph.
31. I babysat the granddaughter of Edward Binns when we lived in Warren, and got to meet him once.
32. Was a Republican from age 18 to 28. Then I came to my senses.
33. I read the newsletters of the Organic Consumers Association and the Natural Resources Defense Council.
34. I think George W. Bush’s public speaking skills are laughable, and that the man’s in danger of blowing himself up when he tries to think on his feet.
35. I’m above average at Jeopardy, but I don't answer in the form of a question.
36. I love to read.
37. I'm a knitter. Fiber freak. Knitting Bitch. Addicted to yarn. Enjoy my pointy sticks. You get the idea.
38. I can’t draw. Have definitely tried, but my talents lie elsewhere.
39. I’m a homebody.
40. I enjoy almost every type of music, except Country Pop.
41. I’m a fan of Garrison Keillor’s writings and radio show.
42. I’m smitten with Bradley Whitford (West Wing) and Hugh Laurie (House).
43. However, I’m head-over-heels-goofy-shout-from-the-rooftops-heels-over-head in love with my warm, fuzzy husband. Big difference.
44. I enjoy my caffeine. It’s a love affair I’m weaning from.
45. I’m a chocoholic big time.
46. I’ve eaten an entire pint of Haagen-Daz Chocolate-Chocolate chip in one sitting.
47. Recently.
48. I’m way addicted to junk food. No brainer.
49. I’m a tomboy.
50. My job doesn’t require that I dress up.
51. My job’s boring, but not bad.
52. I’m thinking of homeschooling my kids.
53. Really should have the kids first, then plan these things.
54. I like the looks of Waldorf education techniques and am studying them.
55. I hate Florida.
56. I love cold weather.
57. I’m indifferent toward snow, because I never learned to drive in it.
58. I walked in an Avon 3-Day for Breast Cancer in 2002. It turned into a 1-day because the county where it was held wasn’t prepared for the number of people or the hypothermic conditions. It was one of the more exhilarating experiences of my life.
59. I’m an Internet stalker. I’ve found friends I knew from junior high and from age 5 through the Web.
60. I like my face.
61. If I could change one thing about myself, it’d be my lack of willpower. The weight would slide off from there.
62. I’m a purse horse. Sometimes a shoe horse too.
63. I have two piercings in my left lobe and one in my right.
64. I can’t imagine getting any more piercings.
65. I have one tattoo on my right wrist, and I’d love to get a couple more of those.
66. I’ve worked as a:
a. drug store clerk
b. waitress
c. busser (much more fun than waitressing, but not as lucrative)
d. movie theater manager
e. home health care paper pusher
f. newspaper night editorial assistant
g. bookstore clerk
h. website designer
67. I couldn’t say which job gave me the most satisfaction.
68. I read For Better or For Worse and Get Fuzzy (comics).
69. I’ve been to England and Ireland, but I don’t remember much from the trip.
70. I like riding trains. Airplanes are a close second. City buses are fine, but inconvenient. Greyhound buses I can’t imagine ever taking again.
71. I have a decent memory for things, but I have trouble picturing faces in my head, even people I see everyday. That bothers me.
72. I have trouble getting to sleep at night.
73. I still sleep with a stuffed animal.
74. I have trouble with heights and roller coasters. I’ll never skydive.
75. I enjoy beer and vodka. Separately.
76. I’m a blogger.
77. I HATE cockroaches, ever since the time a nice big one scurried down my arm at college.
78. I’ve lived in Connecticut, North Carolina, and Florida.
79. In Florida, I’ve lived in Seminole, Tampa, Jacksonville, back to Tampa, Fort Myers, and back to Jacksonville.
80. Never been to the Panhandle.
81. Fort Myers is God’s waiting room.
82. Never witnessed a decent hurricane, thank the Goddess.
83. Broke my ass twice, literally: once while sledding around age 15 and once on the job at the Tampa theater. That’s a solid month of hurt, lemme tellya.
84. I played the trumpet in high school.
85. I want to learn violin, cello, flute, clarinet, guitar, and French horn at least, not necessarily in that order.
86. Toss piano or keyboard in there too.
87. I have a small keyboard, but getting both hands to work at once has me baffled. Need to buy a book.
88. I own a small djembe drum.
89. I sang soprano in the junior choir. Problem was, I’m an alto.
90. I was a doormat when I was a kid.
91. I must like to talk about myself, because this hasn’t been too hard to do at all.
92. Now that I’ve said that, I can’t think of anything.
93. I’m addicted to Lip Medex. I call it Schmoo.
94. I like New York-style pizza. I don’t like Chicago-style pizza.
95. I’m chicken to try sushi.
96. I want to try black olives, but I can’t get past the color.
97. I wear contacts. I love contacts. I won’t try eye surgery unless it’s a last resort for some reason.
98. I’m a huge pacifist now. I don’t believe in the death penalty. I don’t understand the absence of humanity in the Middle East.
99. I’m mostly Irish.
100. I crack my knuckles.

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