Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wump day

Not crazy about heights, so don't know how I'd do actually riding a wump; looks a little precarious. But I was thinking how it was hump day, and that got me thinking about Mr. Gump, because I have a great deal of the text of One Fish, Two Fish...stuck in my head for eternity. Certainly not a bad thing.

The funny thing: found this graphic online at the Lerner Research Institute, Department of Biomedical Engineering website. Some doctor uses the wump concept as an illustration of how gene splicing can create adaptive species; I think to oversimplify it ridiculously, he's implying that by splicing genes from a 2-hump wump and a 3-hump wump, you could conceive a 5-hump wump. Wonder if Seuss had any idea how far beyond a child's imagination his ideas traveled.

Anyway, doing better today. When there are specific tasks to be performed, when there's focus in my head, life tucks along better. Decided on yarns for the shawls I want to try last night, but spent the evening working on a potato chip scarf in LB Homespun. Tonight I'm going to try to call Christy so I'm accepting now that significant time will be taken away from knitting. I shouldn't say taken away; Christy and I were best friends back in the day, since like 6th grade, and now that she lives so close (St. Augustine), it's ridiculous that we don't see each other often. Well, given gas prices at present, it's not that ridiculous, but still...when my phone went down back in March and ended up stretching til end of April, we just stopped talking and to quote a line from "American President," "now there's this thing hanging out there." There's other issues behind our drift that've forced us to redefine our relationship in recent years--like my becoming a witch and her becoming a born-again Christian--but we've been at this too long to let it shut down. I hope I can reach her tonight.

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