Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rebounding (again, and again, and ...)

How can people see pictures like this and still want to drill in the Arctic?

Better today; last night was just brutal though. Gotta be PMS. Went from the attitude of that last post, to Smokers Express to buy cancer sticks for the husby and had to listen to a conversation involving the realism of TV wrestling vs. those small claims court shows. Never mind that it took $15 to fill the tank halfway. By the time I got home, I was like, don't touch me, where's the beer?

Today was free food at work (pre-4th of July picnic) and sitting outside at lunch helped; sat really still so that I could feel the light breeze on the hair on my arms. It's getting damn hot out there, but when you quiet yourself, the mind-over-matter thing is still possible. Also I asked for Monday off, so I have a 4-day weekend to look forward to. Meara's coming home for a quickie break; might take in a flick with her and Mom.

One very neat thing: I emailed Amy Singer of Knitty last week because I had a question about a pattern and couldn't figure how to reach the designer, Jillian Moreno. Hadn't heard back from her, so I did some more digging for Jillian's email addy, since she and Amy also wrote Big Girl Knits recently, and was able to email Jillian directly about my question last night. Had an answer by this morning, so I'm definitely starting Folly with the rest of the blasted Wool Ease once I can invest in the circulars, hopefully this weekend. In the meantime, all my in-the-round things (SSS, base of Beach, and sleeve of Beach) are keeping me busy.

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ruthee said...

Let me know what size circs you need...I *might* have them.

I love that pattern, but am afraid I will look like a gigantor amazon in it. (Like my shoulders are not broad enough already....)