Thursday, June 22, 2006

Embracing the summer

Not something I've ever been able to do...I've hated Florida for about 15 years now, but somehow the knowledge that I have it in me to orchestrate our egress from this blasted state is creating a renewed tolerance for it. I've been sitting outside at lunchtime. To your average Floridian, I'd be considered nuts, but in all honesty, it's not that bad if you sit in the shade and listen to the air. There's still a breeze and the cloud cover keeps the sun from being unbearable. I sit and listen and read, and find myself channeling all this fantastic energy once I'm forced back inside. It puts a silly smile on my face, makes it a little hard to contain my body, which wants to break into a run around the building. So I try to store it away for later, when the sleepies hit mid-afternoon. Actually I don't get sleepy of late, just hungry, because I've been eating healthier all week for some reason and staying away from the sodas. Just drinking my fruit juice at lunch has me feeling more in touch with nature.

I also performed a simple solstice ritual last night. Wish it could've been more for Summer Solstice, and outside for that matter, but I made do. The great thing though, was the protection spell I conjured for my family; again, my attempts at visualization were entirely successful, and I came away from it feeling so strong!

Embrace the summer, gang!

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Alexa said...

Proclaiming that you like the summer in Florida is like proclaiming that you like the winter in new England. It really is a matter of dressing for it and having a positive outlook. Snowballs and sweat rivers both have their place in this world.