Monday, April 03, 2006


It's un-frickin'-real what you can find on the Web.

Since I mentioned this cartoon a couple of entries ago, thought I'd put up a pic...all I had to google was "sheepdog cartoons" and ta-da! You'd think since I work in the biz, I'd be used to just how infinitesimally significant something has to be to make it on the Web in some fashion. But since I kind of loathe my contribution to what I see as a problem with the gluttony of our capitalistic society, it's understandable I'd be in a little bit of denial. Anyway, I think the pic is from wikipedia.

Weekend was pretty ok, just not long enough. I don't know if it was daylight savings or the work I did outside, but I took a 3-hour nap yesterday afternoon, went to bed practically on time last night, and I'm still a little foggy. I'm about a day off of one of my meds too, though; will remedy that later today.

Finally, FINALLY, got outside and dealt with Sylvester, the aloe plant with the pituitary problem. All I can say is, hey, anybody want some aloe? Well, actually, I won't know for a week or three if my transplanting was a success, I figure; I haven't done much with plants yet in this life, beyond the basics, so even though aloe is a hearty plant that actually does grow in its own little sections, so that I didn't feel like I was cutting apart roots to separate them, I still won't trust my success until they're still alive a couple of weeks from now. Also downsized Jade, which isn't much more than a twig at this point, thanks to some demon neighborhood squirrels. And I cleaned out the dead stuff around Fred the fern, fed and watered everybody, and started some basil and lavendar. My God, it was nice outside yesterday! My porch catches shade until late afternoon, so I just threw on my bathing suit and some shorts, and got dirty :) Used an entire 40# bag of potting soil and assessed my supplies too—next step is a new bin for soil and some implements, like a leaf trimmer.

Knit just a bit last night, but again, my heart wasn't quite in it...will work the baby blanket tonight, I think. I put the payment in last week for the Knit Magic I bid on eBay, so that should come soon; no idea what I'll make with it, just knew I wanted one...I had one when I was a kid.

Definitely sluggish today...may have to spend some of our precious dough on sugar or caffeine later...

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