Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No news is good news

Feels like my knitting's hitting a dry spell...but I'm plunking along on several things so that really isn't the case. The dry spell thing is only because I spent time last night starting a baby hat only to rip out everything I'd worked because I'd calculated incorrectly. So nothing got accomplished except laundry last night. Well, that's definitely a good thing; been having a helluva time feeling comfortable in the tops I currently own, so the good ones go quickly.

I did do one bootie this weekend, quite nicely too, since I figured out I didn't do slip 1 purlwise correctly on the last batch I did. Haven't stitched it up yet; really should put some time into the SSS and the B4...I tend to do a row here, a row there on the B4, and well, that just ain't gonna fly if I expect to get the sucker done by May or July (baby shower sometime in May).

Supposed to get hot today (mid-80s) but there's this fantastic breeze. No baby yet in our KB group; eviction notice for said infant is the 28th.

My clan got news that a family friend passed away, so please put the widow and kids in your thoughts today. Marty Darby passed away from lymphoma on Valentine's Day. His wife Dini and my mom met in a Caldor (Yankee department store) about oh, 35 ish years ago, when they noticed the kids in their baskets were roughly the same age (me and her son Ted). We kids haven't kept in touch, but the memories are fond of hanging out together and playing when the grownups got together. Dini and the boys live in Aiken, SC, so I'm looking forward to paying them a visit the next time we're up visiting Les's fam.

Back to work (blah!)...should've brought SSS today...

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